True crime podcast | “Fatal Grove: The story of Jason Fairbanks and Elizabeth Fales”

  • Surrender — Dan Lebowitz
  • Court and Page — Silent Partner
  • Allegro — Emmit Fenn
  • №2 Remember Her — Esther Abrami
  • Tragic Story — Myuu
  • Elegy — Asher Fulero
  • The Awakening — Patrick Patrikios
  • On Foot — Underbelly & Ty Maye
  • Lazy Boy Blues — Unicorn Heads
  • Wistful Harp — Andrew Huang
  • On the Hunt — Andrew Langdon
  • Anonymous, Report on the Trial of Jason Fairbanks, on an Indictment for the Murder of Elizabeth Fales, 1801.
  • Cohen, Daniel A. Pillars of Salt, Monuments of Grace. Liverpool University Press, 2006.
  • Compiled by the The Fairbanks House, Dedham, MA; the Dedham Historical Society, A Massachusetts Mystery: The 1801 Tragedy of Jason Fairbanks & Elizabeth Fales, Applewood Books, 2009.
  • Freeman, Dale H. “Melancholy Catastrophe!” The Story of Jason Fairbanks and Elizabeth Fales in Public and Private Writings. Historical Journal of Massachusetts Volume 26, No 1 (Winter 1998).
  • Parno, Travis Gordon. “With the Quiet Sturdy Strength of the Folk of an Older Time”: An Archaeological Approach to Time, Place-Making, and Heritage Construction at the Fairbanks House, Dedham, Massachusetts. Boston University, 2013.




Dad. Drummer. Content guy.

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Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer

Dad. Drummer. Content guy.

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